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Urquahart Castle

Urquhart Castle - sold


Night time Town

Night time town - Sold

Castle Walk

Castle Walk - sold

Auld Town

Auld Town - sold

Auld Town Moon - Commission

End Of The Road

End Of the Road - Sold

Forest Moon

Forest Moon - Sold


Shore House

Shore House - sold

Highland Hill

Highland Hill - £Sold

Cofee and Brandy

Coffee N Brandy - Sold

Wine N Fishes - Sold

Wine N Poetry - Sold

Tea N Oranges

Tea N Oranges - Sold


Whale Tale

Whale Tale - Sold


Flying Visit

Flying Visit - Sold

To the Moon

To the Moon - Sold


Where Angels Meet

Where Angels Meet - Sold


Temple Cat

Temple Cat -Sold

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha- Sold

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird- Sold

Red Bridge

Red Bridge - Sold


Lobster Shed

Lobster Shed - Sold

Fishermans Hoose

Fishermans Hoose - Sold

Love Hill

Love Hill -Sold

Mananam's Journey

Manaman's Journey -Sold



Matisses Room

Bass View - sold

Edge of the  world - £395

Edge of the World - Sold


Light Hoose - Sold

Away in a Dream

Away in a Dream -Sold


Eternal Voyage1-Sold


Eternal Voyage2-Sold


Eternal Voyage3-Sold

(4 piece)-

Eternal Voyage4-Sold


Angels in the Garden

Merry Nicht - Auctioned

Angels in the Garden

Angels in the Garden - Sold



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